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About Overstockhats.com

       We are among the largest wholesalers of closeout and overstocked hats. We have hundreds of hat styles available with wholesale bulk purchasing and closeout prices.

Wholesale Customers Only!
Minimum first order $250, combined styles.
Minimum order for established customers $100

  • A wide variety of wholesale closeout headwear.

     First Quality hats at unbelievably low prices.

  • Many current Headwear styles. 

    We offer the best techniques and graphics if you need hats customized.

  • Novelty, souvenir, costume, and party hats and accessories.

     Headwear for the whole family. 

    Kid's hats plain or with cute designs embroidered.

Expert salespeople and customer service staff to assist you.

If you buy Headwear for your business, you need to get to know the Overstockhats.com line. It will save you money and increase your profits.

Our goal is to provide you, our customer, with incredible value and dependable service. At Overstockhats.com, we want doing business with us to be a pleasure. 

e provide timely delivery. 

e have toll free lines for our customer service fax and phone lines. 

amples are available so you can examine the merchandise before you buy. 

We hope you enjoy using our new wholesale closeout website, our latest endeavor to make buying from Overstockhats.com a pleasant and PROFITABLE experience.

Toll Free Phone 1-800-233-4690 
Be Sure To Mention Promo Code C93

Toll Free FAX 1-800-882-5428


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